Zodiac DBS
Service Overview
  crew change
  crew transport
  Delivery of spares
  Emergency medical evacuation
  Delivery of Lubricants
  Delivery of provisions
  Delivery of stores
  Delivery of equipments
  Delivery of bunkers
  Delivery of fresh water
  Ship repairs
  Sludge removal
  Any other Agency work
Welcome to Zodiac DBS, Sri Lanka
Zodiac DBS was established in the year 2000 to provide comprehensive and professional ship supply services to the ships calling Colombo, Galle and other commercial harbours in Sri Lanka and the ships passing Sri Lanka through East West main shipping route.
Shortly after establishment Zodiac DBS extended its services to respond requests from ships sailing within 400nm from the Dondra head in the Indian Ocean.

Well equipped, professionally maintained, fast supply boats manned by experienced crew are stationed at Galle and Colombo harbours ready to attend and fulfill the requirements of ships sailing in the Indian Ocean under any sea conditions.
During nearly a decade of its operations Zodiac DBS has attended all Long Distance supply & technical assistance, Emergency calls, OPL assistance, Inner harbour assistance and other variety of services required by the Masters/ Principals/ Agents to the best of their satisfaction at cost effective rates.

Today Zodiac DBS has become a Comprehensive Ship Supply Service and the only Long Distance Fast Supply Boat Operator in the region.
Your fastest way to proceed in blue water
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